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Web Portal

Manage all administration on your portal which allows you to connect to Parents mobile accounts. Publish your Student Time Schedule, Belt Levels, Announcements, Events, Push notifications in very easy formats. No need for any administrative effort. You can manage your Organization identity on your own portal

Mobile Application

Influence the social interactions in your favor by our social media strategy. Our mobile App will be your channel to connect with the parents. Of course you can manage your website, but remember that it is not interactive or encourages repeat visit. Today, everyone has cell phone all the time and it is the only way you can communicate.

-Allow student check in
-Send push notifications
-Send Alerts, promotions, events -Social media connection (Facebook, twitter, ..)
Manage your social media presence with ease

Records on cloud

SPEEDYKICK hosts entire data of your organization on secured cloud. You do not need to keep any paper in your office. Your complete records will be automatic and available at your fingertips when required.

-Paperless office, shifted to cloud for free. No hassles to keep manual records. No hosting fees, safe data.

-Engage Parents on social media. No need to spend money on advertisements.

-Stunning mobile App for free. Check in students; send alerts, reminders in real time on cell phone.